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About Us

How are we different?


Adept Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic Physical Therapy clinic based out of Rexburg, Idaho. We were founded on the principle that patients should be the number one priority in our clinic. 

You have likely arrived here because you or someone you know closely is suffering from some kind of injury, or possibly has some physical limitations or pain, or perhaps you are just trying to be more healthy and avoid injuries and pain altogether. The number one thing we would like you to know about us at Adept Physical Therapy is that we can help, and, in most cases we can help much faster than you might expect. 

There are many things that set us apart from other Physical Therapy clinics. The number one thing you will notice that is different is the quality of care that we offer. We are able to offer this high quality mostly because we are not limited by insurance companies. A typical session of Physical Therapy at Adept lasts about an hour with a one-on-one individualized session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We pledge to provide treatments based on the needs of our patients, not on what the insurance companies dictate. We also do not require a referral from a doctor. This means patients can be seen quickly and also receive more individualized care as we can spend more time with patients and less time fighting insurance companies. There are no one-size-fits-all treatments at our clinic! 

On average we see patients for about 4 weeks once or twice a week. This is far less than most Physical therapy clinics in the area, as well as much lower than the national average. (National average is about 11 visits per episode) Did you know that 50% of people over the age 18 have an injury every year that last longer than 3 months. 

Adept Physical Therapy is on a mission to prevent or reduce the amount of time you stay injured.


Meet Our Doctor


Barrett Gibson PT, DPT


Founder Barrett Gibson was raised in Rexburg, Idaho. He went to Madison High School and was involved in athletics during that time, he especially enjoyed playing basketball. It was during his time playing basketball for Madison that he first got interested in physical therapy. After a 2 year mission to Portugal Barrett came back to Rexburg to get a Bachelors of Science from BYU-Idaho. He then continued on to Northern Arizona University where he earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Barrett has been back in South East Idaho since graduating. Barrett has always had an interest in the mechanics of movement in sports and has furthered that interest into the mechanics of the spine. This interest has propelled him to become trained in the use of Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) for the treatment of the whole spine including the neck and pelvis. 

Perhaps more important than healing people Barrett has a big desire to work in injury prevention. He has worked with athletes of all degrees including Olympic athletes and several runners in the Boston Marathon working in treating and preventing injuries. He also enjoys working with your "average" athlete. The kind that spend their days lifting kids and groceries or working hard to make a living or support a family.